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WRITTEN BY Patrick Verbeeten - 03 June 2011
Consider the following cases:
For most projects in CRM you have to build an entity model sometimes just a few entities but depending on your project this can be a very large number. Most consultants first create an inventory of what to create using excel, next this has to be transferred to CRM. This is a very time consuming process which requires a huge amounts of copy pasting and clicking.
Then when you have it all setup the customer asks you to make some simple changes, “Could you change this decimal field to a money field?” Simple enough, no? You have to delete the field from the form and views delete the field create a new one, add it back to the forms and views again, now where was it exactly?
Tough the CRM entity model provides you with rich abilities for the end user creating and modifying the entity model can be time consuming. All this time cannot be spend on providing the business logical and rules the entity model is built for.
A solution to this problem could be this application. Where my CRM developer’s tool provides you with the ability to view the metadata the Wavextend Customization Assistant provides you with the ability to modify it. This dedicated application allows you to perform actions in bulk or action which would need to be done in multiple steps using the standard interface.

Features include:

  • Bulk create and updating of entities, attributes, relationships and views
    By using an excel sheet you can easily define the entity model, copy pasting where needed. This file can also serve as part of the documentation for your project. The customization assistant can then take this file process it and will create/update everything that is needed.
    When you have identified modifications and updated the excel file accordingly the customizations assistant can take that file and update most properties of existing entities, attributes, relations and views to reflect these changes.
    Example of the excel worksheet
    Example of the bulk create dialog
  • Delete attributes in bulk
    Delete multiple attributes in a single action. The customization assistant will also delete the attributes from any forms and views they are used in. Allowing you to quickly delete attributes.
  • Change properties in bulk
    Change properties of an attributes such as the maximum and minimum value of multiple attributes at once.
  • Copy attributes
    I you have one or more attributes you want to copy to a different entity. The customization assistant will allow you to do that.
  • Change the data type of an attribute
    Changing of the data type is not possible in CRM at the very least you are required to delete and recreate the attribute but typically this also includes removing the attribute from forms and views and then adding it back again.
    The customization assistant can automate this process with retention of a data. The field data type will be changed for example from integer to decimal or from picklist to relationship, the data will be converted and fields on the forms and views will remain as they are just with a new data type.
    Example of the Customization Assistant UI
For more information see the Wavextend website.

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