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Crm 4.0 Sitemap & ISV.Config Editor

As of CRM 4.0 the sitemap and isv.config file are no longer available on the file system but stored in the database. Which means that for each change you have to export the customization, make your changes and then reimport the customizations file.  More

CRM Developers Tool 2011

The developers tool provides the user with quick access to all entity metadata in CRM. You can access this information by going into the customization area of CRM, this will provide you with most information but this requires lots of clicking. This tool is purpose build for accessing meta data and does just that.  More

Customization Manager

The CRM 4.0 customization XML file contains all items needed to move a deployment. Most source version/control system have difficulty handling this file as the items are not allways in the same order. This is specifically true if the file was exported from different systems.  More

Event Listner 2011

This utility provides you with the ability to view which plugins are fired and all details of the plugin execution context without the use of a debugger.  More

Translation assistant

With version 4.0 Microsoft CRM the option to have multiple languages in a single interface became available. To translate the various available labels CRM offers an option to export all labels to an excel file containing only the label and id but no explanation.  More
WRITTEN BY Patrick Verbeeten - 25 June 2014
To run unit tests for scripts normally running on CRM forms you need a working version of the CRM Xrm Page object. This is object contains lots of information and can be difficult to fake. The FakeXrmPage object allows you to load all this information from a customizations file. This makes testing easier and results in a more reliable. Defining unit tests allows you to quickly run a verification of the operation of your scripts.
WRITTEN BY Patrick Verbeeten - 01 April 2012
In CRM 2011 Web Resources you can connect to other resources on the CRM server. This can be the CRM web services or you may want to redirect to another web resource. To do this you need the full URL which can differ depending on the deployment.
WRITTEN BY Patrick Verbeeten - 08 March 2012
In CRM 2011 there are two approaches you can use to create solutions; Managed and unmanaged. There is lots of information available as to what the differences are, for example on channel 9. In general I would recommend using managed solutions every time you are exporting customizations from one environment to the next (in a dev, test, prod environment). But this article specifically addresses the development of applications/products using multiple solutions. I have seen various approached used and people running into problems caused by developing multiple unmanaged solutions in one organization.
WRITTEN BY Patrick Verbeeten - 12 January 2012
NuGet is an open source initiative that 'Makes it easy to install and update open source libraries in Visual Studio' or so it says on the website. Basically its a Visual Studio plugin that allows you to add packages to individual projects. These packages can contain different things such as assemblies, commonly source files etc. With support for both an online public repository as well as the ability to use local repositories it makes it a good way to save your libraries, even if it is only for your self or your team.
How To - Series 7: How To override(Enable, Disable, Show, Hide, Custom Logic) Out of the Box HomePageGrid ribbon elements - CRM 2011
Wednesday, March 21, 2012
A step by step guide explaining how to replace an out of the box button on the CRM 2011 Ribbon. Allowing you to change the behaviour or appearance of the button.
Wednesday, March 21, 2012
Productivity tools for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partners and Developers
Deployment Helper: Version
Sunday, March 18, 2012
A new version of the deployment help is available. This version supports CRM online and uses a different compression engine for Javascript resources
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Sunday, March 18, 2012
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